Licence Surface Licence Ownership  
Ruvuma 3,447 km2
850,000 acres
Ndovu (Aminex) Operator 75%
  • The Ruvuma PSA is located in a world class petroleum province with more than 100 TCF in discoveries
  • Ntorya-1 Discovery: Drilled in 2012 and tested 20 MMCFD with 139 Barrels of associated condensate
  • Ntorya-2 Appraisal Well: Planned to be drilled in 2016 to appraise 70 BCF (2C resources) Ntorya-1 discovery
  • Ntorya-3 Well: Planned to be drilled in the main Cretaceous channel fairway
  • Ntorya-3 to test 1.5 TCF Pmean GIIP Resources from Cretaceous and Tertiary reservoirs
  • Likonde-1: Drilled in early 2010, oil shows throughout a thick reservoir section. Ongoing seismic programme to help identify trap
  • Acquired in 2014 a high density 2D seismic programme over Ntorya Up-dip, Likonde and Namisange to high-grade leads to drill ready prospects
  • Ntorya Pmean in-place resources: 1.1 TCF based on 2014 seismic results
  • All future discoveries can be brought onstream through the main pipeline and associated facilities, which became operational in 2015