Aminex PLC believes that continuous improvement in the areas of Environment, Community and Safety is fundamental to ongoing sustainability and success.

The Company's good reputation as a corporate citizen has been achieved by:

  • Working closely with neighbours and co-occupiers of the land
  • Supporting local communities through sponsorship and resources
  • Providing public information about environmental, community, health and safety aspects of the business; and
  • Encouraging the services of local suppliers where possible

Aminex has strived to foster a lasting and tangible relationship with the local communities and stakeholder groups where it works, and is aware that in addition to regulatory operating approvals, the Company also requires community acceptance to operate and that this acceptance has to be earned.

Aminex is committed to working in an effective and collaborative manner with the local communities that co-exist with its operations.

To achieve this Aminex has and will continue to:

  • Establish and maintain positive and meaningful communication with all affected groups
  • Consult with the people whose land may be affected by its activities
  • Engage with relevant groups on various community projects

Aminex supports local community initiatives where possible. It is a supporter of WA Surgical Mission Tanzania ( and Australia Tanzania Young Ambassadors ( Aminex also contributes to community projects, such as schools and hospitals.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Aminex values the safety and health of all its employees, contractors and the wider community in which it operates.

As standard practise, the Company:

  • Does not compromise on safety
  • Complies with legislative requirements
  • Identifies, assesses and manages environmental health and safety hazards, risks and impacts
  • Promotes continuous improvement practices within all aspects of the business
  • Minimises workplace exposure to hazards
  • Understands and works to meet the expectations of the community
  • Provides appropriate training to employees and contractors to ensure occupation, health and safety responsibilities are understood.

Environmental Policy

Successful environmental management is dependent on recognising, avoiding and minimising environmental impact. Aminex is aware that protection of the environment requires careful planning and commitment at all levels within the Company. Best environmental practice demands a continuing, integrated process through all phases of a project.

Environmental management is a core business requirement for Aminex, essential to long-term success. Aminex complies with all relevant legislative requirements and commitments applicable to its operations, and where practicable, exceeds these requirements. In addition, Aminex is committed to achieving environmental management standards through continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

The Company is a member of local and regional environmental groups and associations. This allows for up to date information and industry best practices to be readily adopted in all phases of the Group's operations.

Bribery Act

Aminex has strict anti-bribery procedures and policies in place and ensures that its employees observe these at all times in carrying out the Company’s business. All employees and consultants are required to confirm their understanding of the Group’s anti-bribery policy.

Aminex PLC is a public limited company incorporated in Ireland.

Registered number: 72399

Registered address: Paramount Court, Corrig Road, Sandyford Business Park, Dublin 18, D18 R9C7

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